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A physician's prescription is necessary for all care provided by Calumet. Subsequent repairs, alterations, or replacement will require both an additional prescription and authorization.


Prosthetics is the art and science of designing, fitting, and fabricating artificial limbs, or prostheses, which replicate, to a great extent, the appearance and function of a congenitally-missing or amputated body part. All prostheses are custom-made to correspond to the person's physical proportions and functional needs. Creating a prosthesis requires a high degree of anatomical knowledge, clinical training, and technological, mechanical, and artistic talents.

Our prosthetic products include, but are not limited to:

  • CAT-CAM & NSNA socket fabrication
  • Preparatory prostheses
  • Above (AK) and Below Knee (BK) prostheses
  • Lightweight geriatric prostheses
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic knees
  • Carbon graphite feet
  • Gel liners


Orthotics involves the design, fitting, and fabrication of orthopedic braces and support systems, or orthoses, for weakened or impaired joints and/or muscle groups, including the neck and spine. An orthosis may protect and support while a fracture heals, strengthen an area damaged by trauma or disease, correct an orthopedic condition, or prevent further injury to a particular part of the body.

Our orthotic products include, but are not limited to:

  • Orthotic services
    • Cervical
    • Soft and plastic collars
    • Philadelphia collars
    • Postoperative orthoses
  • Spinal
    • Custom-fit corsets
    • Jewett hyperextension orthoses
    • Custom chair back and Taylor orthoses
    • Custom body jackets
    • Boston overlap systems
    • Scoliosis systems
  • Lower limb
    • Metal or plastic systems
    • AFOs and KAFOs
    • Dorsiflexion control
    • Limited motion
    • Knee orthoses – Lenox Hill, C. Ti., Don Joy
  • Fracture bracing
    • Sarmiento
    • Tibial
    • Femoral
    • Humeral
    • Ulnar & radial
    • Pediatrics
    • Scottish Rite systems
    • Denis Browne splints
    • Cable twisters

Mastectomy and Postmastectomy Services - A Fitting Image

Any woman who has experienced breast cancer surgery will appreciate the skillful and considerate attention provided by Calumet's certified mastectomy fitter. A Fitting Image, an area of our facility devoted exclusively to women who've had full or partial breast removal or reconstructive surgery, offers private fitting rooms and professional assistance in selecting, wearing, and caring for a custom-fit breast form and accompanying foundation garments. Wearing a breast form helps restore a woman's feelings of femininity and self-confidence. In addition, the correctly-sized and fit breast prosthesis improves a woman's balance and posture, while enhancing her appearance.

Our mastectomy products include, but are not limited to:

  • Mastectomy prostheses and foundations
    • Amoena
    • Camp-Active
  • Breast prostheses
    • Swimming
    • Extended wear
    • Athletics
    • Sleeping
    • Bathing
    • Enhanced comfort


Pedorthics involves the design, fit, and fabrication of orthopedic footwear and shoe inserts that correct certain conditions, protect sensitive foot tissue - especially for diabetics - and accommodate various foot abnormalities.

Our pedorthic products include, but are not limited to:

  • All shoe modifications
  • Custom foot orthotics
  • Extra depth & orthopedic footwear

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